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The only postpartum meal services that provided by certified RPN

RPN, RNC, and postpartum doula, we provide professional services for all your postpartum needs!



During pregnancy, the focus is often on supporting the health of the mother as it directly affects the growth and development of the fetus. In Chinese culture, maintaining the new mother’s health is also highly emphasized in the postpartum period.  This postpartum recovery tradition is called zuo yue zhi literally called the “sitting month” in Chinese.


Chinese traditions believe that giving birth drains the body of energy and vitality and the care the woman receives during this time often sets the scene for her state of health far into the future.  Therefore, new moms should be pampered.  Besides plenty of sleep, rest, avoidance of heavy lifting and mood swings, the body needs to be replenished with nutrients. 


“ Wohebaobei ” Postpartum Meal Delivery ——Provides traditional Chinese
post partum diet and delicious homemade meals within Great Toronto Area. Pick up or deliver.


Have you ever considered a Chinese traditional postpartum diet after you have your baby?

It could be a chaotic life and an overwhilming experience after the baby is born.  Lack of sleep from looking after the unsettle newborn, pain from birth tearing, the last thing you want to do is cooking and cleaning dishes.  New moms need sufficient nutrition, plenty of rest and sleep to speed up the postpartum recovery and to produce breatmilk to nutrien a healthy baby.  Let us do the cooking!  Here is what we do:


Our specialties:

Chinese Postpartum Meal Delivery

  • Freshly cooked nutritious meals, pickup or delivered to your home or hospital. Provide appropriate and nutritious meals according to post partum recovery stages and new mom’s different body types.  Strengthen the body and speed up the recovery! Diet incorporates Chinese medicine, Chinese traditional postpartum dishes, and Canadian Food Guide.
  • Balance diet with lots of variety.Broad postpartum menu with over 70 delicious dishes, all made with high-quality, fresh ingredients.
  • Professionally designed and herbalist validated menu.
  • Help with breast milk production and speed up the recovery.
  • Low salt, low fat, and flavourful.
  • Safe and fresh.

Flexible payment method and “food tasting” by appointment available.


Other services:

Nutritious Meals for Post surgical / Miscarriage Recovery

Prenatal Class in Mandarin

 Doula & Postpartum Maids providing extended support for new moms

Breast Massage Therapy to unblock clogged ducts and prevent inflammation

Discount Mother and Baby Products


Note: We service a limited number of customer each month to ensure the quality of our services. Please book our food delivery services at least 1 month in advance.

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