It’s all about Nurturing New Moms!

Owned and operated by an Ontario Registered Nurse and a mother of 2
We offer healthy, delicious postpartum meals that incorporates the benefits of Chinese medicinal herbs known for their powerful health and wellness benefits.  Freshly prepared, cooked, and with pick up or delivery options.
Rest, recharge, and bond with your baby.  Let us take care of the nourishing food during the first month. Enjoy being a new mom with the benefits of proper nutrition and Chinese herbs.W

Ways We Nurture New Moms

Healthy meal plans for pregnancy

Postpartum Meal Plans

Nutritious meals with a Chinese medicinal flare for postpartum women.  Prepared in a licensed kitchen.

Nutrition is so important for new moms and babies especially during the first month. The right nutrition helps the recovery process for mom and may help reduce baby blues.
After childbirth, the focus is often on the newborn baby.  However, new moms require and deserve the same level of care and attention if not more. 

“The Sitting Month” tradition in Chinese culture puts emphasis on the new mom’s nutritional needs along with other areas of care. The specially designed postpartum meals are aimed at regaining strength and vitality, speeding up healing, and encouraging nutrient filled breastmilk production.

Our daily menu consists of 6 meals/day selected from our home cooked specialty dishes; always prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients. 

Three menu styles available:  Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Vegan. Each is specially designed to meet your postpartum recovery needs.

Healthy, nutritious meals with a Chinese flare Prepared by a Registered nurse and mom.

Homemade. No MSG. Low salt, low fat

Customization available for dietary restrictions.  Additional fees may apply.

Pickup or delivery to your home or hospital.

Order by the week or month.  Flexible payment options.

Food tasting by appointment available.

Prenatal Classes

Led by a registered nurse and mother of two, receive support and learn about your physical and emotional changes before and after baby is born in a nurturing environment.  Understand your new baby and their needs.  Explore options for self-care and master essential baby care techniques.

Postpartum nurses and traditional Chinese medicine doctor visits