Welcome to parenthood and all it has to offer!

My name is Lisa Lu, I am a mother of two, an Ontario registered practical nurse, and a caterer, specializing in Nurturing New Moms through prenatal classes, postpartum meal plans with a traditional Chinese flare and a new mother’s support group.  I started caring and cooking for new moms in 2012.  Additionally, I do offer the option for a home visit if needed.

Originally from China, I love food and cooking.  I also love growing vegetables and herbs.  I have a keen interest and knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine as my grandfather is a famous Chinese doctor and taught me how to incorporate these healing herbs in my cooking.

When I had my first child, I struggled with newborn care and breastfeeding.  I wasn’t getting much sleep and rest, not to mention cooking.  I wish there was food, or someone preparing meals for me, so I could rest and heal.    Based on my own personal experience and with facilitating positive postpartum recovery in mind, I started to cook for new moms.  My neighbour was my first client. 

Over the last 6 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women and received very encouraging comments.  I have enjoyed cooking and watching new parents and their babies grow.  Now with a new and larger location, more new moms will benefit from the optimal combination of healthy delicious food, Chinese herbs, and support classes.

Lisa Lu