Taiwanese Menu – Nutritious meals with a Chinese medicinal flare for postpartum women

Nutrition is so important for new moms and babies especially during the first month. The right nutrition helps the recovery process for mom and may help reduce baby blues.

After childbirth, the focus is often on the newborn baby.  However, new moms require and deserve the same level of care and attention if not more. 

“The Sitting Month” tradition in Chinese culture puts emphasis on the new mom’s nutritional needs along with other areas of care. The specially designed postpartum meals are aimed at regaining strength and vitality, speeding up healing, and encouraging nutrient filled breastmilk production.

Our daily menu consists of 6 meals/day selected from our home cooked specialty dishes; always prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients. 

Three menu styles available:  Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Vegan.  Each is specially designed to meet your postpartum recovery needs.

Healthy, nutritious meals with a Chinese flare Prepared by a Registered nurse and mom.

Speed up the recovery and get back in shape faster.

Homemade. No MSG. Low salt, low fat

Customization available for dietary restrictions.  Additional fees may apply.

Pickup or delivery to your home or hospital.

Order by the week or month.  Flexible payment options.

Weekly nutrition plan focus

In addition to healthy balanced nutrition and proper hydration, the main focuses are:

Stage 1/ Days 1-10 offer iron rich food to encourage red blood cell reproduction; high percentage of fiber to prevent constipation; delicious Chinese herbal soup to help with involution of uterus and expel Lucia; natural ingredient soup to rid of water retention, speed up healing, and produce breastmilk.

Stage 2/ Days 11-20 – consolidate the body strength and regain vitality; special herbal soup to treat or prevent muscle/back pain; maintaining breastmilk production with adjustment to meet baby’s increased needs.

Stage 3/ Days 21-30 and beyond: nourish the organs; harmonizing body Qi and blood to promote body function and preserve beauty; maintain optimal breastmilk production.

Taiwanese menu is designed based on a famous Chinese medicine dr Zhuang’s theory. Besides from adequate nutrition and hydration, menu is more focus on helping new moms get rid of water retention, losing weight, and get back in shape faster.

Stage 1 signature dishes: Pork liver soup with sesame seed oil; stir fried sticky rice with ginger,carrot,and dry mushroom; red bean pudding; barely rice.

Stage 2 signature dishes: Pork kidney soup with sesame seed oil.

Stage 3 signature dishes: chicken soup with sesame seed oil.

Food pictures