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Teresa Lau

2019-08-17 | Reply| (Edit)

I am so glad I chose Lisa’s meals for my yuezi. It was truly a valuable investment for my health and recovery. In addition to the 3 meals per day there are also snacks/dessert, Chinese herbal soups and drinks. There was so much food, some days I almost couldn’t finish. And there was plenty of variety of dishes, so I never got bored. Lisa’s customer service was great! She checked in with me often to see how baby and I were doing, if I was liking the food, and whether any changes needed to be made. I think all the nutritious food is what helped me produce a good milk supply right from the beginning. Baby was gaining weight and I never needed to supplement with formula. Even if I had my mother come stay at my house and cook for me daily, she would not have done such a good job. At first my husband did not think it was necessary to order these meals, but now after my yuezi is over he agrees it was worth the money!

Renee Huang

2019-03-11 | Reply| (Edit)

This was my first baby and I was so glad I found out about Wohenaobei. My recevory from emergency c-section has gone very well, and never had a problem with breastmilk supply – lot of it thanks to Lisa’s nutritious, delicious and thoughtful meals.

The delivery and service were also amazing and professional.Lisa made sure to check up on me, and made adjustments to the meals based on my needs. Delivery was always on time with each meal carefully packaged.

I would definitely come back with my second baby, and recommend Wohebaobei to friends and family.

We decided to order Lisa’s postpartum meals after comparing with different other ones.

The reason I chose Lisa is because her meals offer a lot of varieties based on your personal needs. She can tailors to your needs wether if you want to increase your milk supply or lose weight. The postpartum meals came in with big portions that a lot of times I was not able to finish them all.

Lisa also provides other services other than the postpartun meals. Whenever if you have any questions, regardless if it is about the food, she is there for you. You can ask her about the baby stuff and even the wellbeing of yourself. She is very patient and professional at answering your questions. She cares about her clients and she makes sure that every single one of them is being well taking care of.

Thank you very mich Lisa!

Nicole 2018-12-05

I highly recommend wohebaobei! Lisa is a pleasure to deal with. She’s professional and knowledgeable. She was always accessible and gave excellent advice prior to and during my postpartum period. Her food is excellent! Probably some of the best food I’ve ever had – it’s clean, nutritious and tasty! After each meal, I could feel my energy and strength return. I could see my baby benefiting from it too – she regained her original weight within 2 weeks. Thanks again for everything, Lisa!

Jacqueline 2018-02-05

I really enjoy Lisa’s postpartum meals and her wonderful services during the most challenging time of my life. Lisa’s meal was nutritious and tasty, most important is that it facilitates the opportunity of breastfeeding exclusively to my baby. I really enjoy and appreciate her services.

Lucia 2017-11-24

We ordered about post-partum meal service from Lisa in October and it was amazing! Lisa is a true professional and is very passionate about cooking & baby care. Being a registered nurse herself, we received a lot of useful advice when it comes to taking care of our son as well as adjusting to the new routine of being a full time mother.

What I liked most about Lisa’s meal service was the way she takes feedbacks from customers and adjust the meal to suit our taste. We called Lisa a few times to adjust the menu and she adjusted immediately the next day without question. The food itself is great, Lisa really knows how to cook, proportions was just right and we were never hungry the whole day. Out of all the dishes, our favourite would be the red bean soup dessert, it is simply the best!

Thank you Lisa for providing such an amazing experience for us!

Kimiko 2017-10-02

Dearest Lisa, thank goodness for your wonderful nutritious meals, careful meal planning and thoughtfulness – thank you for providing such a great service to mothers (new and veteran!)

Lisa’s meals not only helped with building back my strength, they are nutritious, taste good and most of all, a convenience! especially for a new mother like myself. The meals are abundant including breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks for inbetween. I especially loved the soups that are provided and the desserts for after dinner. We had the meals delivered to us warm, every morning & Lisa would touch base with us to see if everything was good and if there was anything she could do to help my recovery (ie. need meals for more breast milk production? Do you eat liver dishes? Any allergies?)

My husband and I are most thankful that someone recommended this service to us, and I will highly recommend it to others. Thank you once again Lisa!

Erica 2016-11-21

I am really grateful that Lisa is in Toronto, and provides such a wonderful post-partum meal service which did not exist in 2010 when I had my first baby. Without having any family members to help from Taiwan, Lisa’s service saved me a big time to cook or try to find someone to cook while dealing with a new born. Here is what I think about her service.

Lisa- She is very nice, responsible and professional about her business. Her kitchen where I visited at her home was very clean and organized. Besides being a certified nutritionist, she also has knowledge about Chinese herbs. Therefore I had no worries for the meals she prepared. She also called me to see how I was doing and provided suggestions to support. I ate quite a lot so on the 2nd day I called her to increase the quantity of the meals and she adjusted immediately the next day.
Meal- No doubt there is a great variety of food provided everyday. My meal plan was designed to increase breast milk and salt free. The nutrition was well balanced and my breast milk came no problem. My midwife said my milk was good and rich enough so the baby got full and fell asleep soon after feeding.

Delivery service- I live downtown so I decided to pay for delivery which was such a good idea. The driver came on time everyday and was very nice. The meal was still warm/hot when it arrived so I could quickly enjoy my breakfast while the baby was sleeping.

If I could make my experience better here is what I would suggest:
1. There was way too many plastic containers for recycle. I like to use as little plastic as possible. So for recycle issue maybe Lisa could provide glass containers and collect them back for next day delivery.
2. Some of the dishes were repetitive. I felt a little bored after a while that’s probably because the Taiwanese menu I chose has very restrictive meal plans. I believe Lisa would have no problem to change the menu if I called.

Overall, I had an excellent experience with Lisa. I was glad that I did not have to cook at all for a month and focused on the newborn and myself. I will recommend Lisa’s service to friends and will choose her again if I have number 3 in the future. Thanks Lisa for making post partum meals possible in Toronto. You are the angel for GTA pregnant women AND HUSBANDS! Please do not stop cooking!! Thank you so much!!

Liya 2016-10-28

Lisa is great!

She provided us excellent postpartum meal services for 30 days. Because of some complications and mastitis after the delivery, Lisa customized the menu for me.

The food were not only very tasty, but also with high nutrition! The good balanced diet helped me produce sufficient breast milk, and made it possible for me to lose weight and to get back in shape while breastfeeding.

Beside that, Lisa was also very helpful and resourceful when we had some questions and concerns with the babies and the breastfeeding.

We are really happy that we chose Lisa for the postpartum meal service!

Zoe & Chris  2016- 01-21

We just completed “Wohebaobei” postpartum meal service. I can’t wait to put my comment here.

I remember it clearly one month ago when I called Lisa from hospital at 10pm right after my baby boy was born. That was really amazing. Next morning the postpartum meal was delivered to hospital. It was a great comfort bringing to my wife and me.

As my wife started taking the meal, we have more and more good feelings about the service. In overall I would say Professional. Yes, definitely professional for both the meal and service.

The meal is a perfect combination of Chinese culture and modern nutritional practices. Image you take 14 dishes each day, varying in different traditional Chinese postpartum food with nutrition balance.
And in different stage, the recipe is different, which matches well with the need of recovery and breast-feeding of the mother for recovery and breast-feeding. I know Lisa used to be a nurse and she is a mother as well. She does understand what the mother really needs when giving birth to a new baby…

And the service is also absolutely customer-oriented. Take a look at the packing, delivery and the quality of the meal. We’re very satisfied. For any request and question, we always got the immediate updates and actions. Lisa is definitely responsible for customers.

If we have another new baby in the future, we would like to order “Wohebaobei” postpartum meals again, and become Lisa’s customer for another round of professional service

Simon 2015-01-15

Somehow she knew exactly what I wanted and I didn’t even know what I wanted. She is an amazing person.

I want to thank her for helping me out when I needed help. She probably helped more than she thinks she did. Her customer services reached beyond my expectations. An extraordinary experience that could definitely make a remarkable and major change in my life.

Susan 2014-02-18